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Coco Substrate Custom Mix

Kokosflora Coco substrate custom mix

Kokosflora Coco substrate is produced from coconut husks as by-product of fiber extraction. It is triple washed to removed excessive water soluble salts and other impurities and aged properly. It is free from weeds, pesticide, foreign materials and 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

Coco substrate can be mixed with short coconut fiber and husk chip pieces in any ratio as per customer specification to enhance hydration, water drainage, porosity and aeration depending on their end application.


Coco substrate fine + fiber + husk chip custom mix
Type Washed / Buffered
Particle size 0-8 mm
Coco Peat Content 40%
Husk chip size 0-12 mm
Husk chip content 40 %
Fiber size 0-1.5 CM
Fiber content 20%
Dimension 30cm x 30 cm x (10-12) cm
Weight 5.0 kg ± 0.5 kg
Electrical conductivity <=1.0 mS/cm
pH 5.5 to 6.5
Water expansion 75 L
Moisture 15%


  • Euro palette loading or floor loading in 20ft / 40 ft containers
  • Delivered world-wide at doorstep including custom clearance and local transport