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Coco Substrates

Kokosflora Coco substrates

Kokosflora Coco substrates are soil enhancers which are mixed with peat moss to enhance soil characteristics such as drainage, aeration and water holding capacity to promote better root growth in horticultural applications. Kokosflora Coco substrates are also a preferred medium in soilless cultivation directly as it can be used for many cultivation cycles over several years before replacing. Coco substrates are collected as by-product out of coir fiber extraction from dried coconut husks. Hence it is an environment friendly 100% natural growing medium from renewable coconut plantation with no deforestation.  Kokosflora coco substrates are triple washed to remove excessive water soluble salts and other impurities to bring the electrolyte contents within the range.


  • Coco substrate increases the porosity of the soil mix and promotes air circulation and keeps the soil loose. This leads to better root growth and higher yield
  • Coco substrate with increases water retention capacity of the soil mix and releases water slowly to the roots
  • Coco substrate increases water drainage properties of the soil mix and prevents overwatering
  • Coco substrate is a good choice for soil less cultivation; as an organic medium with high cation exchange, nutrients are easily absorbed by the plant roots
  • Coco substrate naturally contains Trichoderma Harzianum that acts against harmful pathogens that affect the roots.

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